§ÄRÅ}{ (running_elves) wrote in psx2,

Top games of 05

The ones to watch for...to drool over!! tell me what you think about Them

12.)Star wars 3: Return of the sith
11.)Xenosaga 2:Jenseits von Gut und Bose
10.)King Kong
9.)Kingdom Hearts 2
8.)final fantasy 12
7.)Dark watch
6.)Gran turismo 4
5.)destroy all humans
4.)Devil may cry 3: dante's awaking
3.)Area 51
1.)God of war

tell me what you think about the hype of these games.
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I'm sure GT4 will be awesome... GT always is.

I keep seeing Kingdom of Hearts at Costco, but never really picked it up... not sure if it was any good.

I'm just now getting into SOCOM Navy Seals... I wait until I can get the games for $15 at the pawn shop. Probably because I'm old, and I have patience enough to save the $35 by not buying them as soon as they come out.

I used to buy Atari games at full price when they came out. And it was a real dissapointment if the game was a rip-off. Using my current process, I get the games for 1/3 the price AND if a game is a rip, I'll know it long before I buy it. ;-)
I really didnt get into SOCOM Navy Seals. My problem is that i dont have the patience for games like that. But, I have friends who love it.
Patience? I didn't like the old-school Metal Gear games because they were too slow... I tend to disreguard stealth and slaughter everything. Sure I get a B or C rating, but it's fun! ::grin::
I never liked metal gear solid...could get into the groove of it.
i am not really into racing games personaly.
and i am like you ...i see kingdom hearts but i never actually played.

Hahaha i buy my games previously played and if i like it i keep it if i don't i sell it
I actually have this odd habit of keeping old games I don't like, because they are like collateral for pawn shop loans when I'm short on cash. Haven't needed to do that for a year or two now, but usually around x-mas I'm pretty tight on cash. ;-)
i Have a tendancy of doing that also.
I Own every game that i have had since grade 6.All the crash bandicoots ....shit like that.I let my cousin borrow them.
what games do you own for ps2?
I am thinking destroy all humans is going to be one of those games that is either crappy but addictive like the first crash bandicoot, or Abe's oddysee or fun but only for so long... I am not a big racing fan I am sure gt4 will be cool for racing fans... all the other ones were, I hated them, and King kong is probably going to suck, just because movies based games suck in my opinion, game designers basically take the exact movie make it so you control the hero that surpasses the conflict and call it a game... stand alone it would be fine but plot is a necessity in most games... and if it isn't original at all.. its automatically lame...
Movie games= Le suck.specially when its a bad movie to begin with..
Haha i remember Crash bandicoot...that was when i got my first playstation...remember the bigger boxyier ones? I was like eleven when i got it.I was so addicted to that game.Now i am all about shooting things(a la resident evil) and final fantasy games.
you got good taste kid
what games do you own?
I could have swore I replied to this when i saw it... maybe it didn't go through... anyway here it goes again

all released psx & ps2 final fantasies
breath of fire III
all 3 GTA's
James Bond: EON & rogue agent
Metal Gear 3
MK Deception
Megami tensei: nocturne
Prince of Persia
Finest hour
Ghost recon 1, thunder island, and 2
Devil may cry 1 and 2
Arc The Lad
rpg maker 2

Halo 1 and 2
Tenchu 2
Star wars: KotoR & battlefront
Magic The Gathering Battleground
Hunter: The Reckoning
DOA 3 and ultimate and vollyball
Soul Calibur II
Ninja Gaiden
Full Spectrum Warrior
X-Men Legends
Splinter Cell
Rainbow six 3

I included some ps1 games because they lead into seriries that continued onto ps2, I am not going to list all my ps1 games because I have tons... I also have just about every rpg for super nintendo, although thats cheating through roms on my pc....
lol that sucks that you had to type all that out twice.
you got some good games there.
I just got my ps2 This year ...before that i had my ps1 so most of my games are for that
I bought my ps2 in june, with alot of those games the same day I spent almost 1k that day on playstation and xbox games...
so far the only games i have bought for mine are

final fantasy 10
final fantasy 10-2
resident evil code veronica
Summoner(which i sold)
The bouncer
devil may cry
Sonic Mega Collection

i have been renting lately because i am unsure of what i wanna buy .
you have quite the collection for just buying it in june


13 years ago